To make a time to come to join out training or just to see what Iaido is all about, e-mail me at or text me on 027 275 2677

Anyone is welcome to join us, but if you do want to come along, please get in touch first

Training times

  • Kendo training- [6:00 set up] 6:30~7:30 pm Wednesday nights, [9:00 am set up] 9:30~10:30 am Sunday mornings
  • Iaido training 7:30~9:15 Monday nights, 7:30~8:40 pm Wednesday nights, 10:30 am~12:00 Sunday mornings
  • Jodo training 7:30~9:15 Monday nights
  • All training is at Burnside primary school's hall, the entrance to the school is off Memorial ave, near the Ilam road intersection.

Please read our information pages first 

Burnside primary school.

We are training in the school hall of Burnside primary, next to the main carpark